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A Successful First Year for R&R!!

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1460/1066/files/IMG_2069.JPG?v=1482095139THANK YOU!!! A million times, thank you so much for making Ripley & Rue's first year a success! We're so grateful for our customers, models, friends, family and everyone that has supported us since we opened in August. This holiday season was definitely a learning experience, so thank you for hanging with us and being patient. We hope you love your bandanas and t-shirts. We're so excited to show you new designs for this coming year, welcome our new models, grow our staff ( it's just me and the doods right now 😉) and so so much more. Thank you for letting me live my passion, and from the bottom of our hearts, happy holidays to each and everyone of you.

Jeannie ➕Ripley ➕Rue

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