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Anton is Our Friyay Featured Pup of the Week!

Friday is here again and Anton is Our Friyay Featured Pup of the Week! This cutie rescue is quite the heartthrob and his dog mom tells us the cutest visual of his personality that makes me just want to give him a squeeze! Also, I think "counter surfing" and "butt wiggle" are my new favorite descriptions for doggo stories 😂😂Remember to tag us in when your pups are wearing their Ripley & Rue gear! You never know who will be featured next 👀

Age: 2 years old 


Breed: Doodle Mix (Anton is a rescue so we aren’t 100% sure what he’s mixed with)


Location: Anton is an LA pup who recently moved to Kansas City, MO


Instagram Handle: @antonthedoodle


How did you get the name, Anton? He’s named after the Russian playwrite, Anton Chekhov


What’s Anton's favorite thing to do? He loves anything that has to do with water, counter surfing, and chasing tennis balls


What’s Anton's personality like? Goofy, friendly, stubborn, and very smart. He loves to be loved. 


What's your favorite thing that Anton does? How much his butt wiggles whenever he sees anyone and gets excited. 


How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite? 10. Hands down, the tie dye one!


What do you like about it? How does Anton like it? The quality and uniqueness of them! Anton doesn’t go anywhere without a bandana on. He even wore a custom one for our wedding. 


Any funny stories you’d like to share about Anton? He hates waking up early, almost every morning he will lay back down just feet outside of the door because he doesn’t want to be up.


XO Cheers, Denie & Lucy

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