Caution!! Extreme Cuteness Ahead: Friyay Feature Sully & Max - Ripley & Rue

Caution!! Extreme Cuteness Ahead: Friyay Feature Sully & Max

YOU GUYS/GALS!!! This week’s Friyay Featured Pups are so freakin cute!! I can’t. May or may not have considered getting Lucy a sister after seeing these two 🤔Not only are they cute as heck in the photos but the stories their pawrent shared with us are so cute and funny! My favorite visual is the two “romping around the yard” and “trimming the plum tree” 😂 🤣. Check the rest of their stories out for yourself and don’t forget to tag Ripley & Rue when you’re reppin’ your gear!

Proceed with Caution: You may want another doodle after this one 😍


Ages: Sully turns 2 in August and Max is about 4.5 months!


Breeds: Goldendoodles, Sully is an f1 Goldendoodle; Max is a double doodle


Location: San Jose, CA


Instagram Handle: @sullybearandmax


How did you get the names, Sully and Max? We were completely stuck with Sully’s name. I was looking around the room and saw the pillow pet we had from Disney World of Sully from Monsters Inc. It fits him soo well cause he is huge lol & his bark is scary but he’s so sweet. For Max we wanted to stick with Disney since we love it so much and named him after Goofy’s son!


What’s Sully and Max's favorite thing to do? Sully loves fetch or anything ball related. Max likes anything involving food or Sully related lol! But together they love romping around our backyard and trimming the plum tree -_-


What’s their personality like? Sully is super sweet & thinks everyone is his best friend lol. He will follow you around to make sure he’s part of what’s happening, major FOMO lol his eyes sometimes makes us feel like he really understands and are hard to say no to. He’s also a majorrrr gentle giant. He gets picked on by other dogs under 5 lbs hahah Max is so playful and affectionate. He will come up to us and snuggle and give us tons of kisses,  although he can be independent & doesn’t need to be around us 24-7 like Sully. He is a super brave pup, more than his older brother haha He’s still developing his personality. We can’t wait to see how he grows!


What’s your favorite thing about Sully and Max? They are just so friendly and make everyone feel special. They are such good pups with amazing temperaments & we are so blessed to have them. A big favorite is anytime they are playing or snuggling together :)


How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite? Not sure, somewhere in the 10-15 range! We loveee our custom THIRSTY AF one for Max & HANDSOME AF for Sully! 


What do you like about it? How do Sully and Max like it? R&R has always been one of our top top fave shops. The bandanas are high quality and super cheeky. We always get compliments & smiles when the boys are wearing them. Sully and Max have been unintentionally trained to love bandanas hahah. Also, customer service is incomparable!


Any funny stories you’d like to share about Max and Sully? We have so many but the first one that comes to mind probably happened the first day we left Max after gotcha day. We had him in his crate connected to a play pen in the dining room & Sully sectioned off in the living room. I checked the puppy cam maybe an hour after leaving the house and saw that Max wasn’t there anymore. So I frantically drove home from work to find Max snuggled up in Sully’s bed, which he’s obsessed with, in a room on the opposite side of the house...while Sully is looking over, still in the living room, wondering how his little brother escaped & got out lol


Thank you, Max and Sully, for sharing with us!


Until next time,

XO Denie & Lucy

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