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Fall Trends We Used for Dog Bandana Inspo

Today I'm talking trends, and these were the fall trends we used for bandana inspo this season! Ahhh fall, how I love you so!! I, for one, will be welcoming the cooler weather with open arms as the season begin to change. Not only will I stop sweating just walking to my car, or in Lucy’s case, excessively pant from one lap around the block, my outfits are about to take a turn, for the better if you ask me. Before I start shopping for new clothes I like to do a little research to see what trends are going to be most popular for the season. To help with some inspo for the Fall Collection bandanas I looked at what trends were most prevalent on the runways and figured out how our pups could sport the looks on their favorite Ripley&Rue bandanas. 

  • Plaid
  • Many suits were seen waltzing down the runway for this season, specifically ones covered in plaid. Since we don’t make full suits for your furry friends, we settled on the cutest plaids of all time. Of course, we had to stay true to a big-time favorite, Buffalo Plaid, but also incorporated new ones that your pups will love! (And so will the camera 😜)

  • Florals
  • Dark florals are the feminine edge of the season. There’s never a bad time for florals and fall is no exception to that. My favorite part of the florals I saw on the runway was how the majority of them were oversized. Jeannie found the PERFECT floral that mimicked just that! I won’t lie I haven’t been a big fan of floral before but this one is just too cute, Lucy will be wearing this one 😍

  • Patchwork
  • This 70s trend is making its way to 2019 in a hurry! When I think patchwork I tend to think of an old tattered quilt, and luckily Jeannie picked fabrics much trendier than this 😂The mock patchwork and patches on denim bandanas are anything but an old tattered quilt- they’re some of my favorite pieces from the new fall collection! So fetch 😉

  • Lace
  • Another huge trend I saw for fall was lace making a comeback! This wasn’t your run of the mill lace that could be mistaken for your granny’s old tablecloth though, no no no. The laces for this season had a little edge to them. To incorporate this trend into the bandanas, Jeannie found some fabrics that gave the inspo of lace but the same durability of all Ripley & Rue bandanas. These lace inspired patterns are everything!

    There are so many cute bandanas for this new fall drop and I’m so excited to see your adorable doggos rock ‘em! I don’t know how I will be able to narrow down which I’ll get for Lucy so I wish good luck to you all as you shop lol happy shopping!

    Cheers to Fall!

    XO Denie & Lucy

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