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Friyay Feature: Meet Lindy!!

We're back with another Friyay Feature and I want you all to meet Lindy!! Her pawrent tells us all about how she's just the biggest ray of sunshine to all that she meets. She also tells about how much she likes squeaker toys, at any time of the day! Anyone else have a pup like that?? I know I do 😂 Read on to get to know Lindy more and don't forget to tag Ripley & Rue when your pups are wearing their favorite bandanas!


10 months?




Los Angeles, California 

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How did you get the name Lindy?

I was given the name Lindy by my rescue and after getting to know me, my family decided the small peppy name with some bounce to it fit me perfectly! 

What’s Lindy favorite thing to do?

Squeak toys. No matter the hour or what’s going on. She MUST squeak all the toys. 

What’s their personality like?

Lindy is like a perpetual ball of sunshine. She’s always smiling and flitting from one person to the next to show and get love.

What’s your favorite thing about Lindy?

Lindy is a meat trade survivor which means she was born into horrible circumstances where dogs are being hurt or worse. However, you would never know that by how she sees the world as a friendly place. She doesn’t fear the unknown or what hurt her in the past and is forever happy and always willing to share that happiness with whatever she does or whoever she meets.

How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite?

Four, the “Girl Gang” bandana because her sister has a matching one!

What do you like about it? How does Lindy like it?

I love the quality of it as well as the overall design. It was one of those things that you saw and just knew your pup (or pups) would look amazing in it. Lindy loves any accessory you put on her and whenever she wears it she puffs her chest out a little to show off.  

Any funny stories you’d like to share about Lindy? 

I always love the kleptomaniac story that happened at our local pet supplies store. We were walking around while talking to her trainer and looking over some of the seasonal toys. Lindy decided she really liked one of them and snagged it from us before prancing around with it. Before I could finish up our shopping she tried to prance her way right out of the doors! I ended up having to carry her to the line so we could pay because she wasn’t interested in anything but her toy and the upcoming car ride. 
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