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Our FIRST Friyay Featured Dog, Scout!

Hi all, Denie here! I’m very excited to be introducing some very special pups to you with our new Friyay Feature Dog Blogs! Every Friday we will be interviewing a featured “pupstomer” so our Ripley & Rue community can get to know the pups behind the cute bandanas more and more each week! Make sure to tag us when your doggo is sportin’ their favorite R&R goods to possibly have their very own featured blog!

This week I want to introduce you all to a cutie patootie Goldendoodle named, Scout. I chatted with Scout’s pup-parent and got the low down on some of the doodle’s favorite things to do and a funny story about him barking at fire hydrants and backpacks. (Lol ??) So keep on reading to get to know this very good boy, Scout!

Age: 10 months old
Breed: F1B Goldendoodle
Location: San Francisco, CA
Instagram Handle: @somedoodnamedscout
How did you get the name Scout?
The name Scout was added to our shared family Apple note at the suggestion of a coworker, and voted on by all family members after we announced we’d be getting a puppy. Unanimously selected!
What’s Scout's favorite thing to do?
Scout loves to find things he shouldn’t have (socks, underwear) and coyly bring them to his Mom, go on walks with all his walk group pals, and EAT. Wow, can Scout eat.
What’s their personality like?
Scout is a joyous pup that is up daily at - or before - sunrise, waking his parents up with dozens of kisses and ear nibbles. He loves life and everyone he encounters along the way. Scout always makes his needs and wants (more food!) known by slapping his crate door for loudly attention.
How many R&R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite?
Our first ever R&R purchase was the “Puppies” sweatshirt for Scout’s human sister, Emerson. From that point on, we’ve collected quite a few bandanas, stickers, towels, and other products. We love the Instagram handle bandana, but our custom FLOOFY AF is our favorite!
Scout always gets extra attention in his Floofy AF bandana and we LOVE when children ask what AF means... “AS FLUFF!”, of course. We all receive so many compliments on our R+R products, especially our custom beach towel!
Any funny stories you’d like to share about Scout?
While Scout’s personality is quite large, so is his fear of things that seem out of place. He frequently barks at trash cans, fire hydrants, piles of laundry, and misplaced school backpacks.
You can catch Scout wearing his R&R bandanas on his Instagram @somedoodnamedscout as well as follow all his adventures as a #doogler (Google Office Dog) for he was just featured on Google's Instagram this week in his R&R bandana!! 
Make sure to check back next week to see our next Fridyay Feature Pup!
Cheers XO, Denie & Lucy
Writer for Ripley & Rue


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