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Friyay Featured Pupstomer: Bentley!

Happy Friday y’all, and welcome back to the Friyay Featured Pupstomer Blog of the week! This week’s featured pup from our Ripley & Rue community is the “FLUFFY AF” Bernese Mountain Dog, Bentley! He has one of the sweetest little faces (don’t stare too long, you might melt), and as it sounds, he has the personality to match! There’s a trend happening for our last two featured dogs and their favorite bandanas and I think it’s safe to say we have the worlds fluffiest pupstomers! (And I for one am not mad about it!!) Hope you all enjoy getting to know Bentley and have a great weekend!

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Age: 24 weeks (5 months :))

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Instagram Handle: @bentleythebernese360

How did you get the name Bentley?

It's my mom's favorite car. She's bougie like that. ;)

What’s Bentley's favorite thing to do?

Napping, eating snacks and snuggling with my parents is pretty much a tie for his favorite things to do.

What’s their personality like?

The most chill, loving and sweet, pupper in the world!

How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite?

We own 5 and counting! We also bought one as a gift for our favorite bark ranger at the Bark Bar (off-leash bar in Little Rock). I check the website every day and put things in my cart on the daily and try to convince myself not to buy every single one. LOL, Our favorite is the Fluffy AF once since it makes people laugh when they see it and I mean, he is Fluffy AF!!! Haha

What do you like about it? How does Bentley like it?

I absolutely LOVE the fantastic quality, styles and the ability to customize the bandanas with his Instagram handle and name! Also, the fast shipping and customer service is EXCELLENT! Bentley LOVES them so much that sometimes he tries to eat them. haha But really, he enjoys the attention he gets from them!

Any funny stories you’d like to share about Bentley?

There are so many but it's hard to think of them on the spot!! I'm drawing a blank!


Make sure to keep tagging us when your doggo is sportin’ their favorite R + R goods to possibly have their very own featured blog!  

Make sure to check back next week to see our next Friyay Feature Pup!

Cheers XO, Denie & Lucy
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