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Friyay Featured Pupstomer, Zoey!

Happy Friyay friends! I'd like to introduce you all to this week's Friyay Featured Pupstomer, Zoey!! YOU GUYS. This one will MELT you. 😭Zoey's caring heart and sweet spirit shine true in the stories her pawrent shared with us. Thank goodness the name Regina got ruled out, definitely wouldn't have matched this kind pup! Lol Read on for a Friyay feel-good story and have a great weekend friends!

Age: 3
Breed: Mini Goldendoodle
Location: New York City
Instagram Handle: @zoeythebachelordoodle

 How did you get the name Zoey? I was really struggling to come up with a name so I tried to figure out what other people used to inspire them for their pet’s names. One of my best friends dog’s name is Alice, because Alice in Wonderland is her favorite movie. I didn’t think naming the dog Cady or Regina from Mean Girls would work out, so I thought about favorite actresses, and thought of Zooey Deschanel! I wasn’t brave enough to go with the double o, though! I also had no idea how popular of a dog name Zoey is!

What’s Zoey's favorite thing to do? While I clearly cannot ask her entirely, she absolutely loves going to her grandpawrents house and hanging out with family. She cares deeply for her dog walker and is pumped when she comes over every day. They go on a long walk, eat lunch together, and of course get belly rubs!

 What’s their personality like? Zoey is chill as can be! Of course she gets the zoomies, but when we are home, she is so calm! She never wakes me up in the morning and loves to just chill and relax with her mommy. Zoey takes a lot after her mom and just loves to be home, watch tv, and get a good massage :) Zoey has anxiety over certain things, like small kids and scooters/bikes/skateboards, but she is really improving over knowing her limitations and lets me know when it is too much.


What’s your favorite thing about Zoey? How aware she is of the needs of those she loves. I suffer from an extreme anxiety disorder and Zozo just knows when I need her to be there for me, gives me a kiss, lays her head down on me, etc. When I had sinus surgery last year, we weren’t sure if Zoey should be with me at night, since she usually always licks my face and that was pretty off limits. Zoey cried going away from me and needed to protect me. She laid at my feet for the entire week of recovery, never leaving my side, unless one of my parents put the leash on her and pulled her away to go outside.


How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite? I have 10 Ripley and Eue bandanas. A favorite is hard…my first one was a custom one for Zoey’s show “The Doodlerette”, so I am quite impartial to that. But I think my favorite R+R original would be the sunglasses one. I even have a pair of matching pair of sunglasses!


What do you like about it? How does Zoey like it? I love that it has a pop of color but is still very classic! And, like all Ripley and Rue bandanas, the quality is amazing! Zoey LOVES wearing bandanas. When I take one out to put on her, she jumps up and gets so excited. It is pretty cute and I am glad she enjoyed them. 


Any funny stories you’d like to share about Zoey? In the first building Zoey lived in, there was a round door to get outside. A lot of the dogs were scared of it and used the side doors, but Zoey never was. After a few months, Zoey started standing on her back legs and pushing the door! I once tried to see how far she could do it without me helping and we (slowly) got about halfway before I helped out!


Thank you so much for sharing with the Ripley & Rue crew about your sweet sweet Zoey! Want to be our next Friyay Feature?! Make sure to always tag @ripleyandrue when your pup is wearing our gear and we'll keep an eye out for you!!


Until next time friends,

XO Denie + Lucy

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