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Merit is our Friyay Featured Pupstomer of the Week!

TGIF! Thank goodness its Friyay! This week Merit is our Friyay Featured Pupstomer of the Week! Merit is an adorable F1 Mini Goldendoodle with what sounds like a lot adventurous energy. Her love for Ripley & Rue bandanas is too cute and her pup-parent shared a hilarious story about Merit (+ mud) at the dog park! Keep scrolling to get the "dirty" dets 🤣 on this story and more!

tie dye dog bandana

Age: 2


Breed: F1 Mini Goldendoodle


Location: Silver Spring, MD


Instagram Handle: @meritthemini


How did you get the name Merit?

Years ago, I made a list of possible puppy names. When it was finally time to get my puppy, I consulted the list. Honorable mentions: Nola, Liat.


What’s Merit's favorite thing to do?

Stand up paddle boarding. She loves any and all water activities.


What’s Merit's personality like?

Lovable and adventurous


How many R&R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite?

22! The Sunny Shades bandana is my current favorite. Love the print and it looks great with my fur.


What do you like about it? How does Merit like it?

I love the attention to detail on R&R bandanas. I love that when I take a photo of Merit in her natural state, at romps or on a hike, the text or graphic on the bandana is perfectly placed and visible in candid photos. I like that the colors and fonts are fun and eye-catching. Merit truly loves wearing bandanas! I just hold one up and she comes running towards me then sits willingly for me to put it on her.


Any funny stories you’d like to share about Merit? 

Whenever I take Merit on a hike or to the park, I plan on giving her a bath after. With this in mind, I took her to a doodle romp the day after some heavy rains. All the pup parents were smartly keeping their pups away from the large mud puddles but I knew it was only a matter of time before Merit discovered them. I was playing fetch with Merit and her ball landed in the direction of the largest puddle. Her big fluffy tail caught the attention of a group of pup parents huddled together as she made a beeline to the most delicious pool of mud. I knew what was going to happen but they all exclaimed “NOOOOOOO” in unison as Merit submerged herself in the cool mud and became the happiest girl at the park. 


Want to have your very own Friyay Feature? Be sure to tag us when your cute doggo is wearing their favorite R & R!  

Cheers XO, Denie & Lucy
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Thank you so much for featuring me! I always get compliments when I’m wearing Ripley and Rue!


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