Ripley and Rue Featured in the Midlands Business Journal

By Jeannie North

Something really exciting happened this past holiday season…

Among the CEOs and CFOs and other really important acronyms of million dollar companies in the Midwest, me Jeannie North, the owner of my little online dog boutique got a full feature in the Midlands Business Journal, a newspaper publication featuring businesses in Omaha and nearby cities 💛

As a business owner it’s easy to be hard on yourself and your work. You often look past the smaller daily successes (which are most important) and concentrate on the failures. It’s always nice to be reminded that the work you do does matters, and I am so thankful to have received this honor as a daily reminder that there are a lot of doggos and humans out there that love Ripley + Rue. So thank you! Not only is this honor mine, it’s also yours, because you keep our small business a BIG success.

This year the Business Journal, new year entrepreneur mag right? I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Unfortunately this article is only available with a subscription so I had to snap shot it with my phone, haha! Enjoy



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