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Friyay Featured Pupstomers: Denver & Kota!! (PSA: double the cuteness!)

By Denie Jacobson

Friyay Featured Pupstomers: Denver & Kota!! (PSA: double the cuteness!)

Another Friday has come around, which means another Friyay Feature Pupstomer is among us! Lucky for us, this week we get a double-whammy of featured “pupstomers”! Two doggos means double the cuteness and these two definitely delivered on that. Kota & Denver are sporting their Ripley & Rue in sunny California and their pup-parents spilled the dets on their ADORBS brother-sister relationship! Read on to hear more stories about this duo!

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Age: Kota is 5 years old and Denver is almost 9 months!

Breed: Alaskan Malamute and Saint Bernard

Location: Orange County, California

Instagram Handle: @thebearandthemoose

How did you get the names Kota + Denver?

We were looking for names that start with 'D' since we (their parents) both have 'D' names. We decided on Dakota, but eventually, it just got shortened to Kota. For Denver, it just came to us before he was even born and we loved how unique it was. It also ended up being a coincidence that they're named after U.S. states/cities. Maybe our next dog will be Dallas!

What’s Kota + Denver's favorite thing to do?

Kota LOVES a good walkies and car ride. When we were purchasing our car recently, we made sure the window and seat were the right height for her to rest her head. (Yup, we're those kind of dog parents!). Denver is an avid drinker of fountains. He'll take them as a waterfall or sprinkler––he doesn't discriminate! Also, in classic little-brother fashion, he loves to bother his sister.

What’s their personality like?

Kota is so calm, sweet and smart but is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. Denver is just a lover of life; He gets so excited the second he opens his eyes and is ready to take on the day!

How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite? Seven! Our favorites are the bandanas that says "Fluffy AF" and "Handsome AF"––they're just hilarious! Our human favorites are the "Dog Hair, Don't Care" shirt and the stickers!

What do you like about it? How do Kota + Denver like it?

We have quite a large collection of bandanas for the dogs, and we just keep coming back to Ripley and Rue. The combination of colors, witty sayings, and quality is something that is hard to find! Kota and Denver are not exactly delicate dogs so we can definitely say that R+R has passed the vigorous testing of these two. Plus, we love seeing people chuckle when they get a glimpse of their bandanas!

Any funny stories you’d like to share about Kota + Denver?

Kota is a professional counter surfer. She's taken so many different types of things, but the funniest was a BBQ sauce bottle that ended up leaking when she took it into the backyard. There is now a bottle-shaped stain in the concrete of that home. So, she definitely left her mark!

Denver's funniest and cutest thing is seeing what item he's going to greet you with today. Every time you come home, Denver picks up something to bring to you. They're usually shoes or a toy, but this one time, he tried to drag in the biggest stick--and he was only a few months old!

But we think their best story is a compilation of watching them grow together.


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Make sure to check back next week to see our next Friyay Feature Pup!

Cheers XO, Denie & Lucy
Writer for Ripley & Rue


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