International Doodle Dog Day

IDDD is postponed until September 20, 2020


Update! 9.9.20

The rescheduled date for Doodle Day is just 11 days away on Sept 20th! For your safety, we do encourage everyone to celebrate safely. Whether this be celebrating at home, with close friends, or in a small gatherings while social distancing.We will be celebrating online all day, so please tag us in your posts and stories so show us how you are celebrating the day! If you are having a safe gathering, we do have an updated form on the website to add your event details so we can help share (form below). The NYC romp will NOT be meeting this year due to Covid, please see @doodletales for more information about their event.

State City Address Date/Time Details Contact



16344 Route 111

Sunday, Sept 20th at 1pm



3991 Filmore St

Sunday, Sept 20th from 2-5pm


San Antonio

13838 Jones Maltsberger Rd

Sunday, Sept 20th at 4:00 pm



453 Red Sunset Pl

Sunday, Sept 20th at 2pm



Park entrance: Intersection of Crailsheimstr,
Osterwaldstr, Niebuhrstr
(GPS Coordinates: 48.177058, 11.608789).
Next subway stop is U-Bahn Alte Heide.

Sunday, Sept 20th at 12:00 Noon

New York

East Amherst

550 Smith Road

Sunday, Sept 20th at 12pm


6365 Halcyon Way

Sunday, Sept 20th at 1pm



46 Rue Principale

Sunday, Sept 20th at 13:00

FB private group called Gagas de Doodles du Québec

A Day For the Doods

International Doodle Dog Day is celebrated by thousands of poodle-mix breeds around the world! Last year, over 75 major cities celebrated IDDD including San Francisco, New York and Melbourne! 2020 is our 4th year celebrating Doodle Day and we couldn't be more excited! Be sure to tag us! #internationaldoodledogday

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Where does IDDD take place?

In your city! Over 75 cities celebrated IDDD last year in their own city!

Who created IDDD?

International Doodle Dog Day was created by Ripley & Rue, but is celebrated by all the doodles worldwide!

When does IDDD take place?

This year the scheduled day is rescheduled for Sept 20th, 2020 due to COVID 19. But if you need to schedule a different date for your city due to safety, weather or schedule permitting, that's totally ok! We will also be holding a virtual event.

How do I submit an IDDD event?

Please submit your event details in the form on this page.

Can anyone host a IDDD event?

Yes! Anyone can host their own event. Please submit your event in the form above so we can share it with others! The more the merrier!

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