Ripley & Rue is on a mission to make high-quality, highly EMPOWERING merch for ALL dog moms -- and their dogs.

We are committed to fostering a community of pup parents who only deserve the best. Ethically-sourced and thoughtfully crafted designs are our forte, and we use that to make cute shit for people who love their dogs like their own flesh and blood.

Our brand was born out of the desire to create meaningful and mother-fucking cool dog accessories
and dog mom goods for women who are trendy, rebellious, and totally obsessed with their pets.

Our philosophy

At Ripley & Rue, we know that the best life lessons are learned from our dogs...

To be unapologetic.
Loud and proud. Sometimes downright rude - of course, only when it's necessary. (Like, if you need a treat).

To make our marks. Maybe you're not peeing on every stop sign you see, but hey, maybe you are! That's your prerogative.

To enter the world with confidence. Your dog knows it and we know it: you're perfect just as you are.


The intention behind our products is simple : we make badass dog gear for badass people whose dogs are their ride or die. That love wearing cute shit and don’t settle for boring accessories. That thinks it’s totally normal to ditch your friends just to hang out with your dog.

Whether you’re in the market for colorful and courageous dog mom apparel, fashionable (and ferocious) dog bandanas, drinkware that doesn’t hesitate to bark up a conversation, or reliable walk accessories that are all the rage, we’ve got you covered.

We want our shop to be the rock n’ roll hall of fame for dog moms, who go against the grain and bring their best four-legged friend with them.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy. We suggest dogs.

ethically made & sustainable

At Ripley & Rue, we are passionate about continuously improving our approaches to production and sustainability, adopting thoughtful practices within our own business to reduce our environmental impact, all while still delivering the quality products our customers know and love. We’re making great strides (or should we say walkies), but there is obviously a long way to go! We plan to keep sharing our progress with our valued community and will be sure to be transparent as we prioritize high-value, well-made goods for the dog moms of the world.


Founded by a downright obsessed dog mom, Jeannie North established Ripley & Rue in 2016. It was clear other dog moms were looking for the same thing she was: cute and colorful dog accessories that weren’t, dare we say: cringey.

Pairing her design background and business degree with her love of tasteful, topical fashion, Jeannie started making her own (for her two dogs: Ripley and Rue - clever, right?). Before she knew it, she was shipping thousands of orders each month to customers across the globe. Now, the brand is carried in over 400 retail stores and reaches a huge hive of humans who love their dogs as their own children.

Just like all dog moms, Jeannie and the Ripley & Rue team are passionate about improving the lives of dogs through reliable and comfortable products, as well as regular advocacy and contributions to shelter and foster animals near and far.

We believe that all dogs deserve the very best -- and so do the people who love them.



HI, I’m Jeannie, the Founder and mastermind behind Ripley & Rue. I started this company to create a bold and rebellious clothing line for dog lovers and their best friends. Dog moms are my people, and I believe we should feel empowered to live our best lives, all while being fashionable AF.

We want our shop to be the rock n’ roll hall of fame for dog moms, who go against the grain and bring their best four-legged friend with them.

Be unapologetic. Make your mark, your dog sure as sh*t does.