RIpley & Rue Redefines RE-TAIL by Omaha Magazine

OMAHAMAGAZINE.COM Omaha Magazine STORY BY KAMRIN BAKER I PHOTOS BY BILL SITZMANN RIPLEY & RUE REDEFINES "RETAIL' APRIL • MAY I 49 A DOG GOODS RETAILER IN OMAHA MADE A GLOBAL PAW PRINT The modern entrepreneur is sure to carry a few must-have accessories—perhaps a state-of-the-art laptop or a sleek water bottle—in the Silicon Prairie. Jeannie North, a local business owner, has two: an Aussiedoodle (Australian shepherd-poodle mix) named Ripley, and a mini goldendoodle named Rue. Her dogs have their own accessories. North is the owner and founder of Ripley & Rue, a high-end retailer of dog goods based in...

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Friyay Featured Pupstomer, Zoey! | Ripley & Rue

Friyay Featured Pupstomer, Zoey!

Happy Friyay friends! I'd like to introduce you all to this week's Friyay Featured Pupstomer, Zoey!! YOU GUYS. This one will MELT you. 😭Zoey's caring heart and sweet spirit shine true in the stories her pawrent shared with us. Thank goodness the name Regina got ruled out, definitely wouldn't have matched this kind pup! Lol Read on for a Friyay feel-good story and have a great weekend friends! Age: 3Breed: Mini GoldendoodleLocation: New York CityInstagram Handle: @zoeythebachelordoodle  How did you get the name Zoey? I was really struggling to come up with a name so I tried to figure out what other people used to...

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Friyay Feature: Meet Lindy!! | Ripley & Rue

Friyay Feature: Meet Lindy!!

We're back with another Friyay Feature and I want you all to meet Lindy!! Her pawrent tells us all about how she's just the biggest ray of sunshine to all that she meets. She also tells about how much she likes squeaker toys, at any time of the day! Anyone else have a pup like that?? I know I do 😂 Read on to get to know Lindy more and don't forget to tag Ripley & Rue when your pups are wearing their favorite bandanas! Age:  10 months? Breed:  Mutt Location: Los Angeles, California  Instagram Handle:  @lindythefosterfail How did you...

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Delicious Homemade KONG Filler Recipes to Keep Your Pup Busy! | Ripley & Rue

Delicious Homemade KONG Filler Recipes to Keep Your Pup Busy!

Lucy and I did a thing! This week Lucy and I had some fun and mixed up some homemade KONG fillers! Technically I did more mixing and Lucy was the head specialist of taste testing but we made a good team! 😉For these recipes, we used the X-Large-sized Kong and froze each batch but they easily could be served right after you mix them up. I chose to freeze them to make them less messy and it’s been super hot so I figured Lucy would enjoy the cold treat! When frozen, they also provide an hour or two of entertainment...

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Caution!! Extreme Cuteness Ahead: Friyay Feature Sully & Max | Ripley & Rue

Caution!! Extreme Cuteness Ahead: Friyay Feature Sully & Max

YOU GUYS/GALS!!! This week’s Friyay Featured Pups are so freakin cute!! I can’t. May or may not have considered getting Lucy a sister after seeing these two 🤔Not only are they cute as heck in the photos but the stories their pawrent shared with us are so cute and funny! My favorite visual is the two “romping around the yard” and “trimming the plum tree” 😂 🤣. Check the rest of their stories out for yourself and don’t forget to tag Ripley & Rue when you’re reppin’ your gear! Proceed with Caution: You may want another doodle after this one...

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Fall Trends We Used for Dog Bandana Inspo | Ripley & Rue

Fall Trends We Used for Dog Bandana Inspo

Today I'm talking trends, and these were the fall trends we used for bandana inspo this season! Ahhh fall, how I love you so!! I, for one, will be welcoming the cooler weather with open arms as the season begin to change. Not only will I stop sweating just walking to my car, or in Lucy’s case, excessively pant from one lap around the block, my outfits are about to take a turn, for the better if you ask me. Before I start shopping for new clothes I like to do a little research to see what trends are going...

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