Friyay Feature: Meet Lindy!!

By Denie Jacobson

Friyay Feature: Meet Lindy!!

We're back with another Friyay Feature and I want you all to meet Lindy!! Her pawrent tells us all about how she's just the biggest ray of sunshine to all that she meets. She also tells about how much she likes squeaker toys, at any time of the day! Anyone else have a pup like that?? I know I do 😂 Read on to get to know Lindy more and don't forget to tag Ripley & Rue when your pups are wearing their favorite bandanas!


10 months?




Los Angeles, California 

Instagram Handle


How did you get the name Lindy?

I was given the name Lindy by my rescue and after getting to know me, my family decided the small peppy name with some bounce to it fit me perfectly! 

What’s Lindy favorite thing to do?

Squeak toys. No matter the hour or what’s going on. She MUST squeak all the toys. 

What’s their personality like?

Lindy is like a perpetual ball of sunshine. She’s always smiling and flitting from one person to the next to show and get love.

What’s your favorite thing about Lindy?

Lindy is a meat trade survivor which means she was born into horrible circumstances where dogs are being hurt or worse. However, you would never know that by how she sees the world as a friendly place. She doesn’t fear the unknown or what hurt her in the past and is forever happy and always willing to share that happiness with whatever she does or whoever she meets.

How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite?

Four, the “Girl Gang” bandana because her sister has a matching one!

What do you like about it? How does Lindy like it?

I love the quality of it as well as the overall design. It was one of those things that you saw and just knew your pup (or pups) would look amazing in it. Lindy loves any accessory you put on her and whenever she wears it she puffs her chest out a little to show off.  

Any funny stories you’d like to share about Lindy? 

I always love the kleptomaniac story that happened at our local pet supplies store. We were walking around while talking to her trainer and looking over some of the seasonal toys. Lindy decided she really liked one of them and snagged it from us before prancing around with it. Before I could finish up our shopping she tried to prance her way right out of the doors! I ended up having to carry her to the line so we could pay because she wasn’t interested in anything but her toy and the upcoming car ride. 
Thanks for sharing with us and supporting Ripley & Rue Lindy!!
Until next time,
XO Denie + Lucy

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Delicious Homemade KONG Filler Recipes to Keep Your Pup Busy!

By Denie Jacobson

Delicious Homemade KONG Filler Recipes to Keep Your Pup Busy!

Lucy and I did a thing! This week Lucy and I had some fun and mixed up some homemade KONG fillers! Technically I did more mixing and Lucy was the head specialist of taste testing but we made a good team! 😉For these recipes, we used the X-Large-sized Kong and froze each batch but they easily could be served right after you mix them up. I chose to freeze them to make them less messy and it’s been super hot so I figured Lucy would enjoy the cold treat! When frozen, they also provide an hour or two of entertainment depending on how aggressive of a licker your pup is!

Since I froze them I set them on a plate with the fatter side down to stop leakage in the freezer and make it easier for Lucy to get her tongue on the goods. If you use these recipes with a smaller KONG I suggest cutting the recipes in half or even into thirds. With this first recipe, I even had leftovers so I put the remainder into zip locks and formed them into sticks that could slide into the KONG for a later date. (Lucy was excited about the leftovers 😜) All the recipes are super simple and quite literally only require mixing and serving- easy as that! So with that here are the 3 recipes we chose to try out! 

1. Blueberry and Yogurt

Delicious Homemade KONG Filler Recipes to Keep Your Pup Busy!

  • ½ cup of plain greek yogurt (no added sugar or flavors)
  • ¼ cup blueberries

Mix yogurt and blueberries into a bowl then add to KONG and then freeze. Like I said I had leftover so I made little “pupcicles” to add to the KONG later! Freezing all of these recipes for about 3-4 hours should do the trick!

2. Chicken, Carrots, and Yogurt

  • ½ small carrot, peeled & finely chopped
  • ½ can of a 4.5 oz white chicken breast
  • ⅓ cup of plain greek yogurt (no added sugar or flavor)

Add chopped carrots and chicken to yogurt until all combined then add to KONG. Freeze then serve!

3. Peanut Butter and Kibble

  • ¼ cup of the dog food you already feed your pup
  • ⅓ cup of all natural peanut butter (Lucy’s favorite treat is PB so she has her own jar 🤣- I like to use one with no added sugars so it’s just straight peanuts!)

Mix together dog food and PB then add to KONG. If you are using all-natural PB I suggest microwaving it before mixing in dog food just because it’s so stiff coming out of the refrigerator. If you do so, I highly recommend freezing the KONG for this mix because it’s so runny it would be a mess! I also only let Lucy lick on this one for about 10 minutes because she has a sensitive stomach, so we actually got two uses out of this recipe! You know your dog best so you call the shots on how much they can handle 😊


I hope you guys liked these easy recipes and would love to hear what your pups like to add to their KONGs! As I said, all dogs are different and pawrents know best so alter any of these recipes as you need and share your photos of your pups enjoying their KONG treats with us by tagging @ripleyandrue! 

Until next time,

XO Denie and Lucy 
Writer for Ripley & Rue



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Caution!! Extreme Cuteness Ahead: Friyay Feature Sully & Max

By Denie Jacobson

Caution!! Extreme Cuteness Ahead: Friyay Feature Sully & Max

YOU GUYS/GALS!!! This week’s Friyay Featured Pups are so freakin cute!! I can’t. May or may not have considered getting Lucy a sister after seeing these two 🤔Not only are they cute as heck in the photos but the stories their pawrent shared with us are so cute and funny! My favorite visual is the two “romping around the yard” and “trimming the plum tree” 😂 🤣. Check the rest of their stories out for yourself and don’t forget to tag Ripley & Rue when you’re reppin’ your gear!

Proceed with Caution: You may want another doodle after this one 😍


Ages: Sully turns 2 in August and Max is about 4.5 months!


Breeds: Goldendoodles, Sully is an f1 Goldendoodle; Max is a double doodle


Location: San Jose, CA


Instagram Handle: @sullybearandmax


How did you get the names, Sully and Max? We were completely stuck with Sully’s name. I was looking around the room and saw the pillow pet we had from Disney World of Sully from Monsters Inc. It fits him soo well cause he is huge lol & his bark is scary but he’s so sweet. For Max we wanted to stick with Disney since we love it so much and named him after Goofy’s son!


What’s Sully and Max's favorite thing to do? Sully loves fetch or anything ball related. Max likes anything involving food or Sully related lol! But together they love romping around our backyard and trimming the plum tree -_-


What’s their personality like? Sully is super sweet & thinks everyone is his best friend lol. He will follow you around to make sure he’s part of what’s happening, major FOMO lol his eyes sometimes makes us feel like he really understands and are hard to say no to. He’s also a majorrrr gentle giant. He gets picked on by other dogs under 5 lbs hahah Max is so playful and affectionate. He will come up to us and snuggle and give us tons of kisses,  although he can be independent & doesn’t need to be around us 24-7 like Sully. He is a super brave pup, more than his older brother haha He’s still developing his personality. We can’t wait to see how he grows!


What’s your favorite thing about Sully and Max? They are just so friendly and make everyone feel special. They are such good pups with amazing temperaments & we are so blessed to have them. A big favorite is anytime they are playing or snuggling together :)


How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite? Not sure, somewhere in the 10-15 range! We loveee our custom THIRSTY AF one for Max & HANDSOME AF for Sully! 


What do you like about it? How do Sully and Max like it? R&R has always been one of our top top fave shops. The bandanas are high quality and super cheeky. We always get compliments & smiles when the boys are wearing them. Sully and Max have been unintentionally trained to love bandanas hahah. Also, customer service is incomparable!


Any funny stories you’d like to share about Max and Sully? We have so many but the first one that comes to mind probably happened the first day we left Max after gotcha day. We had him in his crate connected to a play pen in the dining room & Sully sectioned off in the living room. I checked the puppy cam maybe an hour after leaving the house and saw that Max wasn’t there anymore. So I frantically drove home from work to find Max snuggled up in Sully’s bed, which he’s obsessed with, in a room on the opposite side of the house...while Sully is looking over, still in the living room, wondering how his little brother escaped & got out lol


Thank you, Max and Sully, for sharing with us!


Until next time,

XO Denie & Lucy

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Fall Trends We Used for Dog Bandana Inspo

By Denie Jacobson

Fall Trends We Used for Dog Bandana Inspo

Today I'm talking trends, and these were the fall trends we used for bandana inspo this season! Ahhh fall, how I love you so!! I, for one, will be welcoming the cooler weather with open arms as the season begin to change. Not only will I stop sweating just walking to my car, or in Lucy’s case, excessively pant from one lap around the block, my outfits are about to take a turn, for the better if you ask me. Before I start shopping for new clothes I like to do a little research to see what trends are going to be most popular for the season. To help with some inspo for the Fall Collection bandanas I looked at what trends were most prevalent on the runways and figured out how our pups could sport the looks on their favorite Ripley&Rue bandanas. 

  • Plaid
  • Many suits were seen waltzing down the runway for this season, specifically ones covered in plaid. Since we don’t make full suits for your furry friends, we settled on the cutest plaids of all time. Of course, we had to stay true to a big-time favorite, Buffalo Plaid, but also incorporated new ones that your pups will love! (And so will the camera 😜)

  • Florals
  • Dark florals are the feminine edge of the season. There’s never a bad time for florals and fall is no exception to that. My favorite part of the florals I saw on the runway was how the majority of them were oversized. Jeannie found the PERFECT floral that mimicked just that! I won’t lie I haven’t been a big fan of floral before but this one is just too cute, Lucy will be wearing this one 😍

  • Patchwork
  • This 70s trend is making its way to 2019 in a hurry! When I think patchwork I tend to think of an old tattered quilt, and luckily Jeannie picked fabrics much trendier than this 😂The mock patchwork and patches on denim bandanas are anything but an old tattered quilt- they’re some of my favorite pieces from the new fall collection! So fetch 😉

  • Lace
  • Another huge trend I saw for fall was lace making a comeback! This wasn’t your run of the mill lace that could be mistaken for your granny’s old tablecloth though, no no no. The laces for this season had a little edge to them. To incorporate this trend into the bandanas, Jeannie found some fabrics that gave the inspo of lace but the same durability of all Ripley & Rue bandanas. These lace inspired patterns are everything!

    There are so many cute bandanas for this new fall drop and I’m so excited to see your adorable doggos rock ‘em! I don’t know how I will be able to narrow down which I’ll get for Lucy so I wish good luck to you all as you shop lol happy shopping!

    Cheers to Fall!

    XO Denie & Lucy

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    Anton is Our Friyay Featured Pup of the Week!

    By Denie Jacobson

    Anton is Our Friyay Featured Pup of the Week!

    Friday is here again and Anton is Our Friyay Featured Pup of the Week! This cutie rescue is quite the heartthrob and his dog mom tells us the cutest visual of his personality that makes me just want to give him a squeeze! Also, I think "counter surfing" and "butt wiggle" are my new favorite descriptions for doggo stories 😂😂Remember to tag us in when your pups are wearing their Ripley & Rue gear! You never know who will be featured next 👀

    Age: 2 years old 


    Breed: Doodle Mix (Anton is a rescue so we aren’t 100% sure what he’s mixed with)


    Location: Anton is an LA pup who recently moved to Kansas City, MO


    Instagram Handle: @antonthedoodle


    How did you get the name, Anton? He’s named after the Russian playwrite, Anton Chekhov


    What’s Anton's favorite thing to do? He loves anything that has to do with water, counter surfing, and chasing tennis balls


    What’s Anton's personality like? Goofy, friendly, stubborn, and very smart. He loves to be loved. 


    What's your favorite thing that Anton does? How much his butt wiggles whenever he sees anyone and gets excited. 


    How many R+R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite? 10. Hands down, the tie dye one!


    What do you like about it? How does Anton like it? The quality and uniqueness of them! Anton doesn’t go anywhere without a bandana on. He even wore a custom one for our wedding. 


    Any funny stories you’d like to share about Anton? He hates waking up early, almost every morning he will lay back down just feet outside of the door because he doesn’t want to be up.


    XO Cheers, Denie & Lucy

    Ripley & Rue Writer



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    Merit is our Friyay Featured Pupstomer of the Week!

    By Denie Jacobson

    Merit is our Friyay Featured Pupstomer of the Week!

    TGIF! Thank goodness its Friyay! This week Merit is our Friyay Featured Pupstomer of the Week! Merit is an adorable F1 Mini Goldendoodle with what sounds like a lot adventurous energy. Her love for Ripley & Rue bandanas is too cute and her pup-parent shared a hilarious story about Merit (+ mud) at the dog park! Keep scrolling to get the "dirty" dets 🤣 on this story and more!

    tie dye dog bandana

    Age: 2


    Breed: F1 Mini Goldendoodle


    Location: Silver Spring, MD


    Instagram Handle: @meritthemini


    How did you get the name Merit?

    Years ago, I made a list of possible puppy names. When it was finally time to get my puppy, I consulted the list. Honorable mentions: Nola, Liat.


    What’s Merit's favorite thing to do?

    Stand up paddle boarding. She loves any and all water activities.


    What’s Merit's personality like?

    Lovable and adventurous


    How many R&R bandanas do you own, and what's your favorite?

    22! The Sunny Shades bandana is my current favorite. Love the print and it looks great with my fur.


    What do you like about it? How does Merit like it?

    I love the attention to detail on R&R bandanas. I love that when I take a photo of Merit in her natural state, at romps or on a hike, the text or graphic on the bandana is perfectly placed and visible in candid photos. I like that the colors and fonts are fun and eye-catching. Merit truly loves wearing bandanas! I just hold one up and she comes running towards me then sits willingly for me to put it on her.


    Any funny stories you’d like to share about Merit? 

    Whenever I take Merit on a hike or to the park, I plan on giving her a bath after. With this in mind, I took her to a doodle romp the day after some heavy rains. All the pup parents were smartly keeping their pups away from the large mud puddles but I knew it was only a matter of time before Merit discovered them. I was playing fetch with Merit and her ball landed in the direction of the largest puddle. Her big fluffy tail caught the attention of a group of pup parents huddled together as she made a beeline to the most delicious pool of mud. I knew what was going to happen but they all exclaimed “NOOOOOOO” in unison as Merit submerged herself in the cool mud and became the happiest girl at the park. 


    Want to have your very own Friyay Feature? Be sure to tag us when your cute doggo is wearing their favorite R & R!  

    Cheers XO, Denie & Lucy
    Writer for Ripley & Rue
    dog bandana, dog mom

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    Must Have Dog Birthday Supplies

    By Denie Jacobson

    Must Have Dog Birthday Supplies

    As we all know in the Ripley & Rue community, our doggos aren’t just pets, they’re members of the family. Which means, they deserve a party on their birthday too! We wanted to share with you our fave Must Have Dog Birthday Supplies to throw your fur baby the perfect birthday bash!

    1.) Pawty in a Box Pawty in a Box is a dog birthday party accessories decor kit that provides all the necessary decor items in one single box! Here I featured the “Unicorn Dog Birthday Party Box”. This versatile event box includes: invitations, party hats, bow tie accessories, flower accessories, mini bowls, cupcake wrappers, treat boxes & bags, placemats, and banners. Not only do they provide you with all these goodies but their website is packed full of tips for dog moms and dads to pull off the pawfect party! 

    2.) Ripley & Rue Sprinkles Birthday Celebration Dog Bandana Every dog needs a birthday outfit right!? Our Sprinkles Birthday Celebration Dog Bandana is sure to make any good boy or girl feel extra special on their day! Cute as heck plain or add their name to give it that special touch for just $5! 


    photo by

    photo by

    3.) Portrait Cake by Spotted Dog Bakery No pawty is complete without cake (of your doggo's cute face). This completely unique cake is a hand-painted likeness of your very own pup! Just send a picture with your order and the talented artists at Spotted Dog create a natural, fresh + soft dog cakes that are baked + decorated to order! They even ship nation-wide!

    4.) Fur Ever Young Balloons The perfect backdrop you ask? These “FUR EVER YOUNG” balloons set the perfect backdrop for the best birthday pics of your pup and their friends! Inflated they are about 13.5” tall and come with the straw to inflate as well as string to drape them across the room. Available in silver, gold, rose gold, and pink!

    5.) Pooch Creamery Ice Cream Can’t have cake without ice cream, am I right? This Birthday Cake flavored Ice Cream from Pooch Creamery is easy to make just by adding water! Place the mixture in the freezer for 8 hours and add a scoop for your doggo and his/her friends to enjoy with their cake! This grain-free mixture is simply 5 ingredients of whole (lactose-free) milk, cane sugar, gelatin, salt, and natural vanilla flavor. 

    6.) Zippy Paws Stuffed Cake Toy The perfect present for your pup! (and makes for a super cute 'gram pic)  This tasty slice of sprinkle cream cake toy comes with colored frosting and a cute candle and includes a squeaker for extra playtime fun!

    We celebrate our pups every day but making their birthday extra special is always fun!
    Tell us what your must have dog birthday supplies are below in the comments!

    Cheers XO, Denie & Lucy
    Writer for Ripley & Rue


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    Apply to be a Ripley & Rue Brand Rep! ✨⠀

    By Jeannie North

    Apply to be a Ripley & Rue Brand Rep! ✨⠀

    The search is on!! We’re looking for some enthusiast pups and/or pup parent influencers to become Brand Reps for Ripley + Rue!⁣⠀
    ▪Get your own discount code to share with your followers! ⠀
    ▪Earn store credit every time someone uses your code!
    ▪Go shopping! 🛍 Use your store credit to snag our newest releases and be the most stylish pup around!⠀

    To be a Ripley & Rue Rep, you must be active on Instagram, have a public account and be over the age of 18. To apple to be a rep, fill out the brand rep form!

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